What Past and present students have to say about Monash International Student House
Tony and Debby are the best landlords I have ever had. I really recommend staying here. I walk to Monash and it is modern and clean.
Mr Gatut Soepriyanto - Indonesia
I arrived from Oman and moved in here straight away over a year ago. I initially studied at Taylors college in the city - downtown area when I arrived, and now I am at
Monash Clayton Campus. The place is modern and clean with privacy in my room.  I am very happy here and the landlord respects my friends and I. Everything is
provided, It is perfect for me while I am in Australia and I have been here over 2 1/2 years so far. It's really home sweet home

Mr Ahmed Al Sooti - Oman
ISH is walking distance to Monash and everything is included in the price. It is private which I like. I hope to come back to Australia to do a Masters Degree. If I do I
will definitely stay at ISH again.
Mr Syalendra Abraham - Indonesia
I had never been to Melbourne before. Before I came here, I was looking for a clean and private room for studying from Hong Kong. One of my relatives who knew
about ISH suggested me to stay in there. That was why I chose to live in ISH.

I have been here for 2 years. My brother is here with me and we share a larger room now. Also, I have recommended ISH to my friends who are looking for the
rooms. They are very happy to move in because it is a great fully furnished house with excellent quality. The landlords are very nice and friendly, too. Definitely, it is
hard to find a similar house in Clayton area with these qualities except ISH. For these reasons, I would highly recommend it to anyone from HK to live in ISH.

Mr Kevin Sze - Hong Kong
My room was big and clean. It had a great study desk, nice bed and it's own bathroom. I could walk to school and shops. It is modern and a great place to stay. I
would recommend it to my friends.
Mr Uday Bir Sing - India
I was at International Student House for 3 years and loved my stay there. It was very close to Monash Uni and I could walk to Clayton shopping center where I could
get lots of fresh Asian food. Having a private bathroom was the best, every girl needs their own bathroom.
Ms Beini Qin - China
I'm from San Francisco and doing research at Monash as part of my Undergraduate Honors  at UC Berkeley. I found ISH on the internet  and booked it from the US.
Given that I had to arrive In Australia and start the research ASAP, I could not afford to come here without a place to stay.

Until I got here, I was worried that it may not be like the web site, however I made the right choice and am very happy with the facilities and proximity to Monash. I
literally got off the plane, caught a bus from the airport to within 300 m, moved straight in and had the internet going in about 10 minutes. It met all my expectations
and all went smoothly.

You guys have been great landlords, and the accommodation at ISH has been a wonderful experience for me.

Ms Stephanie Hsaio - USA
I stayed at ISH while I was completing my BSc(Hons) Biochemistry. I loved staying here and I really felt at home. The room was great, especially having  my own
Ms Yogavalli (Yoga) Poobalan - Singapore
There is no doubt that this is a great place to stay. For me a major point was the cooling in summer, which most accommodation in Melbourne doesn't have.
The rent is very reasonable. I used the phone service they provide, I saved a fortune compared to my mobile. There are good Indonesian and Malaysian restaurants
close by.
Mr  Easwar Sivabalan - Malaysia
I stayed at ISH for 12 months until I graduated and returned home. It was quiet and clean. I really liked the fact that I didn't have to share my bathroom.
Mr Mikhail Santosa - Malaysia
I found ISH on the internet and stayed for 1 1/2 years while I studied for a Masters of Education. The photos and details on the web site are a good representation of
what it is really like. While I was here I looked around, and compared it the Halls of Residence which is the only other main accommodation I could find that offers
private bathrooms. ISH was much cleaner, modern and quiet. My friends often commented that they wished they were staying here.
Ms Geok Ying June Yek - Singapore
I like a place which is really clean and this is perfect. I also like my privacy. I intend to do my Masters at Monash next year and I will stay here. The landlords are very
fair and responded to my requests.
Mr Peter Kiptoo - Kenya
I am from Oman and studying Telecommunications Engineering. When I first got here, I rented a shared a normal unfurnished flat, but they are mostly old and dirty
near Monash, and I hated sharing the bathroom. Last year I moved to ISH and love it, anyway it is about the same price when you add it all up. I have a car which is
securely parked, but I walk to Monash Uni. Staying here is much easier with just one bill and it is clean. The internet, electricity etc is all on straight away, and I don't
have to think about that stuff which was a problem before I came here..

The landlord is kind and understanding , and he is always there if you needed anything.                                                       

Mr Said Al Habasi - Oman
We are from Singapore Polytechnic, and attending Monash to complete our Biomedical Science degree.

Due to the fact that we were to arrive in Australia in mid Feb, we wanted to make sure we had accommodation for our arrival, so we were ready to start school.

We found the Monash ISH website and it looked ok on the web. While we could not check out the place before arrival, we did arrange for Monash University's
International division to come and inspect it on our behalf. They confirmed that the place was of a very high standard. Based on this we booked in December.

Now we are here, we are very happy, the rooms and facilities are just as represented on the web. We walk to Uni. This place is much better than anything else we
have seen when visiting our friends who live in share houses, some of which are really old and awful.

Ms Erah Anwar, Jaslyn Lee, & Padmini Sugumaran - Singapore
It is pretty hard to find clean and private accommodation around Monash. I was staying at another place sharing with others but it was pretty old and not very clean.  
When I found ISH I was very happy because it is clean and very private, perfect for studying. It was like living in a Motel, especially having my own bathroom. It is
close to the Uni so I could walk, and it is pretty convenient for transport and shops.  I am returning to Japan and would recommend it to my friends.  
Ms Masae Goto - Japan
My cousin stayed at ISH and just came back to HK. He recommended to my family that I stay here. It is very quiet and I feel safe here. It is pretty new and comfy.
There are a lot of students staying here who are from Hong Kong and I have met some nice friends. I will definitely stay here until I graduate next year when I will go
home to HK. One of my classmates from HK has now moved in after visiting me which is great, we study together. The room has it's own bathroom and is bigger
than my bedroom back home.
Mr Chan Wing Hong - Hong Kong
It is very close to Monash and I felt safe living there. Nothing is too much trouble for the landlords and they are very nice. They understand what chinese students
need. The internet is really fast and I could use it as soon as I moved in.
Ms Meko Wu - Shenzen, China
I was staying at a home stay then moved to Richardson Hall at the Halls of Residence which I thought would be a good place, but I really did not like it. It was really
old. I had to share the bathroom with 4 other people. There was one great big kitchen for everyone on my floor and I had to walk a long way to get there. I had to take
all my cooking stuff and food every time I cooked from my room. The fridge was filthy and people stole my food anyway. Also it was pretty expensive for it's age and
everything is an extra. I had no privacy. When I visited my friend here at Monash ISH. I could not wait to move in. I had to wait 3 months to get in but it was worth it.
Now I live in Unit 5 which is all girl apartment. I love it here.
Ms Becky Yuen - Hong Kong
My main worries for my daughter Bonnie when she came to Melbourne were her safety, cleanliness and a good living standard. I came with here on her first visit to
find accommodation and help her settle in. When we found ISH, we were so relieved. It is clean and a good study environment. It has good security and is close to
the University. Debby and Tony are very nice and they look after my daughter for any special needs. I am very happy with ISH and Bonnie loves it there. I would highly
recommend it to anyone from Hong Kong and I am sure they will feel better about their child living overseas once they see the facilities and meet the landlords. I
have been very happy with ISH, thank you.

Mrs Kuby Wong - Hong Kong ( Parent )
Debby and Tony, I wanted to let you know that following her graduation and returning to Singapore, Alice got a good job in with an American accounting firm and is
doing very well. I have been meaning to thank you for some time for the way you looked after her during the 4 years she was with you. I really appreciate the
relationship she had with you and how you helped her with little things over the years. I felt very comfortable that she was with kind people. Also I am very
appreciative that you allowed me to stay with her at ISH when I came to visit from time to time. Alice has changed a lot since she left for Australia to start her degree.
She is a different person and helps around the home more. My husband keeps telling Alice that the best education that she got in Australia was independence and
respect for others in the house at your accommodation. We can't get over the change in her. She has grown up so much. It was a wonderful experience for Alice and
her stay in Australia was the best we could have hoped for. If you come to Singapore, please visit us for dinner so we can thank you in person. I hope we can meet
you and thank if we return to Melbourne in the future. My very good friend has a daughter who is considering studying in Australia. I told her how happy we were with
Monash University, and with Alice staying at ISH. I really would recommend ISH to parent in Singapore. Thank you.

Mrs Vivien Tan - Singapore ( Parent )